Orpheus & the Raven No.7
Orpheus & the Raven No.7

Blind Belief in Authority is the Enemy of Truth

This is no ordinary story. And no ordinary Pinotage. Since 1959, a band of single-minded winemakers have trail-blazed the path for Pinotage to become the only uniquely and commercially successful South African variety.

  It is part the story of Pinotage and its Rebels, and part the story that underpins Orpheus & the Raven – our story too is one of exploration, of pioneering spirit and of innovation that is free of constraints.”It takes only a few determined minds and a cause that won’t be heard to create a rebellion!” cried Orpheus.  “Now close your eyes and open your mind to see the truth,” appealed the Raven.  The Cape Rebellion is a story that starts with episodes of coincidence, good fortune and sheer determination. In 1925 the rebellious decision to cross Pinot Noir with Cinsaut to produce the world’s first Pinotage met waves of criticism.

But through adversity, the Rebels prevailed to afford Pinotage its rightful place on the world stage.

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