We are a Specialist Packaging Design Company.

Bravo Design is a medium size company based in Cape Town, South Africa with over 14 years experience in packaging design.

At Bravo, we have a dedicated team of project managers, designers and production specialists working together to ensure a comprehensive approach to developing packaging design and to manage all the client’s below the line marketing requirements. We tend to your brand packaging design requirements and managed each aspect with the dedication required.

At Bravo Design we see every design challenge as a creative opportunity waiting to be unlocked. Based on the philosophy of grounded creativity, we offer design solutions that deliver in the real world.

Our inspiration comes from our clients – we understand what drives a successful and enduring brand. It is not only about the product, the people, packaging, advertising campaign or the strategy but a combination of all the tangible and intangible aspects that creates a brand’s value.

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Just as ravens are known for their intelligence, flexibility and adaptability in the animal kingdom.

At Bravo we believe that these skills offered to our clients, has set us apart from the rest, by solving complex challenges with ingenious, creative solutions – everytime.