Orpheus & the Raven Eternal Eight

Orpheus & the Raven Eternal Eight is inspired by the numerology 8 which represents infinity as a continuous flow of energy and power. “What binds us together is stronger than what keeps up apart” is an ode to the eternal pull and push of the cosmic cycle of balance.


The 18th century etching of two lovers entwined in an act of love is a seductive invitation depicting the awakening of the eternal allure of unity with the attraction of opposites. The lovers in the etching represent the two opposing forces that are always at play in the universe: good and evil; light and dark; male and female, whilst the infinite “8” symbol represents the never-ending cycle of life, love, and death.

The unique visual elements on the Eternal Eight wine label, including the bold foiled infinite “8” sign and the 18th-century etching of two lovers intertwined into opposite worlds inspired by the artistic style of Albrecht Durer, a grand master of etching in the 18th century.

It’s a seductive invitation to experience the eternal allure of unity.

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Orpheus & the Raven Eternal Eight