KWV Big Bill Wine Packaging

Big Bill Wine Packaging

The Big Bill Wine Packaging is an ode to William ‘Big Bill’ Millar, boxing champ, decorated war hero, Springbok rugby captain and  the first General Manager of KWV from 1924 to 1942.

There is also a larger than life wine barrel that bears Big Bill’s name which still resides in the KWV cellar. Believed to be the biggest stuk vat in the Southern Hemisphere with an almost 22 000 litre capacity, the French oak barrel dates back to 1843 and even lying on its side, dwarfs all other barrels in the cellar.

The creative inspiration came from this “larger-than-live” character and the colossal barrel. The brand name was traced from the actual lettering from the vat and from that, developed the brand around Big Bill’s incredible life story.

Client: KWV

KWV Big Bill Wine Packaging