the blind tasting wine packaging


The Blind Tasting

The Blind Tasting wine packaging was developed for Kaleidoscope (South African Association of the Blind). The most important factors were to create awareness for the blind and also to develop the wine into into a stand alone retail brand that will serve as a scalable source of income for the Society.


Kaleidoscope (South Africa Society of the Blind)


The perception of a good quality product is defined by a combination of all our senses. If you removed one of your senses, it will change and influence your perception and ultimately your purchasing behaviour.

Tasting a wine blind is one of the best ways to formulate an unbiased opinion about the wine. Any knowledge that you have about a wine can cloud your judgment or influence your assessment, subconsciously or otherwise.
The best way to make an honest assessment is to know {see} nothing at all.

the blind tasting wine packaging
the blind tasting wine packaging