Durbanville Hills Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc


Develop a Sparkling Wine for the Durbanville Hills brand with innovative design queues that will enhance shelf stand-out and target female millennial consumers.

Introducing: Durbanville Hills Sparkling Wine

The source of our inspiration for the Sparkling Wine Packaging is the beautiful surroundings of Durbanville Hills. The Fauna and Flora unique to the Cape Floral Kingdom is included as design elements including the Renosterbos, Proteas, Watsonias and the Cape Sugarbird.

At the time, the current fashion, decor and design trends lend itself to floral designs and soft pastel colours. We included these elements in the design to create a wine pack that will appeal to the Millennials.

The design is an appealingly “pretty” label that will stand out in the non-traditional arena that is currently seen in the local sparkling wine market.

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Durbanville Hills Sparkling Wine